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Multiplayer Expansion for Heroes of the Sanctum

Multiplayer Expansion for Heroes of the Sanctum: The Strategy Card Game – designed by FireTap Games ®

As the realm burns, heroes emerge as architects of their own destinies, forging paths of valour through timeless quests!

Ascend to greatness in the Multiplayer Expansion of Heroes of the Sanctum, where up to 4 players wield dominion over their own Heroes, uniting together to battle the demonic hordes. Encounter an all-new experience, discovering unique mechanisms and features such as Skillsets, Skill Sheets, Action Trackers, Action Grids and an all-new Multiplayer Hero Phase. The time has come to confront the darkness and weave an epic saga of unbreakable unity, fearless valour, and ultimate victory!

Heroes of the Sanctum - Multiplayer Layout
Heroes of the Sanctum Multiplayer Skill Sheets

Skill Sheets

In Multiplayer mode, all heroes possess Skill Sheets located in an area outside the Battlefield, referred to as the “Skillset”. Each hero has an associated Skill Sheet showcasing their distinctive abilities, alongside a convenient space for equipping and managing loot.

Heroes of the Sanctum - Multiplayer Action Trackers

Action Trackers

Each Hero’s Skillset also features an Action Tracker card, enabling players to seamlessly assign and monitor actions using their Hero Token. In Multiplayer mode, a unique rule applies: Heroes are restricted from repeating the same action for consecutive rounds. This intentional design fosters strategic coordination among players as they adapt to the ever-evolving dynamics of the battlefield.

Heroes of the Sanctum - Multiplayer Stratagem Deck

Multiplayer Stratagems

A distinctive deck of Multiplayer Stratagem cards introduces the innovative “Action Grid” mechanism. This Action Grid simulates temporary obstacles within specific Battle Lines, thereby limiting the types of Actions that can be undertaken by the Heroes in each round. Effective teamwork is essential for players to overcome these challenges and fulfil their objectives.

Heroes of the Sanctum - Standard Bearer

NOTE: The Standard Bearer card is included in the base game.

The Authority Of The Standard Bearer

When the Multiplayer Hero Phase begins, a new player assumes the role of the Standard Bearer. After openly discussing strategy, the Standard Bearer holds the authority to establish the sequence in which players can allocate their actions, though not the actual actions themselves. This setup enables players to exercise independence by going against the current Standard Bearer’s leadership if they so choose. Simultaneously, it empowers the Standard Bearer to mitigate the impact of dissent by regulating the order in which other Heroes can take action!

Heroes of the Sanctum - Bonus Multiplayer Quests

Bonus Quests

Amplifying the excitement, we’ve included two bonus Quests with unique Epic threats! The Multiplayer Expansion ensures full backward compatibility, allowing existing Quests to work in Multiplayer mode and enabling the new Quests to seamlessly integrate when played in solo mode!

Heroes of the Sanctum - Hybrid Solo Mode

Hybrid Mode

The Multiplayer Expansion allows for a new Solo game layout called Hybrid Mode. In exchange for a little more table space, Hybrid Mode allows solo players to use Multiplayer Skill Sheets to better visualise Loot and make it faster to move heroes around on the Battlefield.

Heroes of the Sanctum Old Scroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Base Game Support Multiple Players?


Heroes of the Sanctum was originally designed with solo play in mind, offering a finely-tuned experience that empowers players to exert full control over the entire party of heroes. The base game also includes a simplified “Collaboration Mode” for those seeking a shared experience. In this mode, players come together to collectively make decisions during the Hero Phase, though they don’t individually control their own heroes. Instead, they collaborate to share control of the party, adhering to the same solo rules.

Taking the gameplay to a new zenith, the Multiplayer Expansion doesn’t merely introduce superficial rule tweaks, but rather grants players direct control over their own heroes while fostering captivating team dynamics. To achieve this, the expansion ushers in a larger game layout, new gameplay mechanisms, and distinctive features. The result is an exciting, distinctly divergent, and authentic multiplayer experience!

Is This Essentially A Different Game?


The Multiplayer Expansion introduces exciting new features while still preserving the familiar essence of Heroes of the Sanctum. To sum up:

In Solo Mode, the emphasis lies on comprehensive party management. You’ll discover captivating synergies among your selected heroes, mastering the fine art of micro-managing strategy, action points and loot for optimal results to achieve your objectives. Additionally, it ensures high portability, minimal table space requirements, and swift game setup.

In Multiplayer Mode, significant changes redefine how players command their Heroes. The focus shifts to complete control over specific heroes, while collaborating with the rest of the party to achieve shared objectives. Instead of Action Points, the Action Grid takes centre stage, incentivising teamwork for optimal outcomes. Players are also free to dissent, often leading to intriguing team dynamics – the Standard Bearer will need to weigh up whether it is better to accommodate the dissenting heroes or to carry out their chosen strategy regardless.

In essence, without compromising the excellence of either mode, Solo mode is crafted to deliver an outstanding solo experience, while the Multiplayer Expansion is designed to provide a truly exceptional multiplayer adventure!

How do 2, 3 and 4 Player Games Work?

When playing with 4 players, each player controls 1 Hero.
When playing with 3 players, 2 players control 1 Hero each, while 1 player commands 2 Heroes.
When playing with 2 players, both players take charge of 2 Heroes each.Upon determining a new Standard Bearer, players can select which of their controlled Heroes will bear the Standard Bearer card.

Is There Anything Here For Solo Players?


The Multiplayer Expansion is entirely optional, but it does provide some interesting additions for Solo Players:

If players prefer a larger game layout, they can choose to employ the Solo rules while utilizing the Skill Sheets from the Multiplayer Expansion. This Hybrid Mode enhances the visual representation of loot in the game, albeit at the cost of requiring additional table space. The second addition is the inclusion of two new quests, which work perfectly in both Solo mode and Multiplayer!

When Will The Multiplayer Expansion Be Released?


The Multiplayer Expansion will be available as an optional add-on during the Kickstarter launch of Heroes of the Sanctum in early 2024.

Are Multiplayer / Hybrid Mode Rules Available Now?


Yes they are! Check out the links below:

→ Multiplayer Rules Booklet

→ Solo Hybrid Mode Rulesheet

NOTE: The product previews on this page are subject to change. The final version of this product may have differences.