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Heroes of the Sanctum: The Strategy Card Game – designed by FireTap Games ®

Heroes of the Sanctum: The Strategy Card Game is a portable, quest-based solo adventure set in a dark, post-apocalyptic fantasy universe. 

“Sacred tomes speak of a rift between our realm and the darkness. A time where ancient manifestations of the dark will force us all to the edge of extinction. It is foretold that the last of the Sanctum’s champions will stand between the coming terrors and oblivion. That time has finally come to pass…”

In Heroes of the Sanctum, you are called to assemble and control the actions of 4 uniquely skilled heroes. Journey through dangerously reactive environments, interact with your surroundings and become more powerful by defeating threats, gaining loot, managing equipment, and advancing your party. The destiny of all that remains has fallen to you… Will you answer the call?

Assemble Your Heroes!

Before undertaking a quest in Heroes Of The Sanctum, you must assemble a party of 4 champions to face the dangers of the rift. There are 12 heroes included in the core game, each with unique actions, allowing you to develop your own play style with custom strategies and tactics!

Undertake a Quest!

Choose from 11 thematic and diverse quests! Objectives include finding a relic, protecting helpless villagers, exploring underground dungeons, cleansing a contamination, defending a fort, escaping the rift, or battling an epic threat!

Face The Creatures Of The Rift!

The threats you encounter will utilize unique behaviours to decimate everything in their path. No matter the cost, you must lead the last of the Sanctum’s champions and crush the abominations of the rift!

Survive Reactive Environments!

Heroes must journey through various regions to complete their objectives. Regions are flipped each turn to update the narrative and invoke deadly effects!

Interact with your Surroundings!

Heroes are usually in proximity of special objects and places that can be interacted with. The nearest hero can often interact with proximities to gain perks or to prevent a negative effect.

Discover & Manage Loot!

As your heroes crush the threats of the rift, they will obtain loot along the way. To best serve your tactics and objectives, you will need discernment to move items between heroes and maximize the party’s effectiveness!

Upgrade Your Heroes!

Certain quests and events allow you to *advance* your heroes to become more powerful. When this happens, hero cards are flipped to reveal their advanced statistics!

The destiny of all that remains has fallen to you…