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We’ve Released Our Game Booklets!

We have lots of content coming over the next few weeks but we thought it would be cool to release our game booklets! Heroes of the Sanctum has A LOT of depth, and to make things more accessible we have set up the manual as two small booklets.

The “How To Play” booklet is a streamlined set of step-by-step instructions to teach players how to play the game. If more details are required, players can turn to the “Rules Reference” which makes it easy to look up more information about specific game rules.

Feel free to download them below to get insights about how the game works! 🙂

(Note that these may not be the final released versions)

Heroes of the Sanctum – How To Play

Heroes of the Sanctum – Rules Reference

Heroes of the Sanctum – Multiplayer Expansion

Heroes of the Sanctum – Multiplayer Expansion (Hybrid Solo Mode)

Heroes of the Sanctum – Epic Expansion

BTW: We know that reading manuals isn’t everyone’s favourite pastime. So next week we’ll be releasing our all-new game setup and tutorial videos! 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂

After receiving some very helpful user feedback, we updated the manuals again.
(27/12/2023) Updated this post with the latest versions of the manuals from the Core game, Multiplayer and Epic Expansion.
(13/1/2024) Updated location of booklets.