Free Yourself

The all new puzzle game starring YOU!

Toggle switches, move platforms, teleport and even turn the world upside down as you outsmart those pesky Bots to free yourself over 3 worlds and 72 exciting, brain teasing puzzles.

Free Yourself is coming soon to Windows, Mac.

Download Now! on iOS and Android

Free Yourself Trailer

Free Yourself With Face Room

Free Yourself allows you to give the main character your own face with FaceRoom!

It’s easy! Capture your face with the camera, choose a hairstyle and boom! You’re good to go!

Be the star of a fun, physics-based puzzle game and outsmart those pesky bots that have captured you. Whether you’re playing on the desktop or mobile, you have all the more reason to free yourself!

The Bots

These crazy robots have taken you captive but all isn’t lost! You’ll need to challenge your mind by using those pesky bots to your advantage. No matter what it takes, you’re going to find a way to Free Yourself!

Free Yourself Wind Bot


Gravity is no match for the Wind Bot’s powerful propellers!

Free Yourself Sun Bot


There’s only one sensible reaction to a robot fireball… Run!

Switch Bot


Toggle platforms and gravity itself with the friendly Switch Bot!

Boom Bot


Boom Bots can cause powerful explosions to push objects to new areas!

Lazer Bot


Burning through everything are what Lazer Bots love best!

FreeYourself Blade Bot


It’s Probably not a good idea to allow Blade Bots to cut you in half!

The Worlds

Free Yourself is a 2D, physics-based puzzle game set in a colourful universe of crazy robots and unusual worlds. Your journey will lead you to explore the relatively peaceful Forest world, the gravity denying Portal World and the frozen perils of Ice World.

The bots will continue to make challenges ever more difficult, with each puzzle slowly intensifying into a brain teasing marathon only a champion of minds can overcome. You must ultimately prove that you have the determination, tenacity and intellectual fortitude necessary to shatter their robotic cages and Free Yourself! This one’s for the humans!

Free Yourself Forest World


Free Yourself ICE World


Free Yourself Portal World