Free Yourself, the puzzle game starring YOU is out Today! Download Now

Free Yourself is out now for iOS and Android!

 It’s fun, it’s free, it’s awesome – what are you waiting for? =)

Free Yourself, a 2D gravity-based puzzle game set in a colourful universe of crazy robots. Trapped within a metallic cage, players must find a way to free themselves by solving various physics-based puzzles. The most unique feature of Free Yourself is the ability for gamers to use a camera to capture their own face and truly become the star of the game.

Free Yourself Official Game Trailer

Fire Tap Games has a YouTube Channel!

Head over now and watch the Official Trailer for our debut game, Free Yourself!

Toggle switches, cause explosions, move platforms, teleport through portals and even flip gravity upside down as you outsmart those pesky Bots to free yourself over 3 worlds and 72 exciting, brain teasing puzzles!